Monday, February 25, 2013

Information Security and Patient Privacy Issues

With the ease of obtaining and sharing information through technology, and changes that will affect every facet of our health care system, patient privacy continues to be a hot topic that stirs a lot of questions, concerns and debate.  As a health care professional, having accurate and easily accessible information that concerns your past and present state of health is vital to providing safe and effective care. Additionally, how that information is handled, your right to privacy and your personal protection are also of critical importance.

Legislation like HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and PSQIA (the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act) concern many aspects of health insurance, patient coverage, quality of care and safety monitoring, but they also address the confidential handling of your health information and your rights as a patient. Health providers and any related professional entities must comply with such rigor for the sake of your protection.

At this time, we at Elite Dental Arts would like to assure all of you that we make painstaking efforts to protect your information as we care for your health. We do our utmost to earn your continued trust and ensure that we can provide you with prompt and personalized care without any compromise to your privacy.

If you are concerned about patient privacy issue, please rest assured and call our dental office, Elite Dental Arts at (212)681-0939 to schedule an appointment or you may conveniently schedule online. We take information security very serious at Elite Dental Arts.  Please share your thoughts and comments below. 

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