Monday, April 25, 2016

Fantastic Flossing

Flossing is vital to protect the in-between surfaces of your teeth and to ensure a bright smile. Dr. Nick Mobilia DDS of Elite Dental Arts in New York, NY wants to make sure everyone knows how to protect their teeth. Take some of our tips for flossing!

To begin, take about eighteen inches of floss and wrap the two ends around your middle fingers for a tight grip. Leave about two inches in between your hands to floss with. You should use a new section of floss for each time you go in between teeth, so rotate the floss as you go. Make sure to get in between all of your teeth; do not leave any out. Your molars are especially important, as they do the most chewing.

Slide the floss between two teeth and rub the floss back and forth until you reach your gums. Do not hit your gums with the floss hard, as this could injure your gums. When you reach your gums, make sure you continue rubbing the floss down the tooth and under the gumline. Scrub both sides of the space and then move on to a new space.

Make sure to floss every day for healthy teeth and gums. To schedule your routine cleaning with Dr. Nick Mobilia of Elite Dental Arts, call our New York, NY office at (212) 681-0939 or visit our website,

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