Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dental Crowns for Natural-looking Restorations

Chips, cavities, and other damage done to teeth can really affect your smile. Not to mention, if left untreated, cavities and damage can result in worse damage and infection. For cases like these, Dr. Nick M Mobilia, DDS of Elite Dental Arts utilizes dental crowns. In our New York, NY office, we have been restoring patients’ damaged teeth and boosting their desire to smile.

Cavities will only worsen with time unless they are treated. They may even lead to infections and abscessed teeth. Badly chipped or cracked teeth can also lead to infections, abscessed teeth, and are likely not able to function normally. This is why a dental crown is needed. A dental crown is a cap that goes on top of the tooth when the root is still intact.

To place a dental crown, Dr. Mobilia first reshapes the tooth. He will remove any decay and file the tooth into a smaller version that the cap can fit onto. He then takes impressions of the area so a dental laboratory can create a custom crown. Our crowns are able to look just like one of your natural teeth. When the crown is ready, it is permanently cemented onto your tooth.

The end result is a beautiful tooth that blends right in with the rest of your smile. You will also have your oral health and functionality back. To schedule an examination with Dr. Nick M Mobilia, DDS of Elite Dental Arts, call our New York, NY dental practice at (212) 681-0939 or visit our website,

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